Fabienne Picaud au travail 2013
Fabienne Picaud  studio 2013

It is the story of a distinct life Whose destiny is Glass Flexibility A poetic vocabulary Composing on our living together Blown, cast, assembled A charming vector for my little stories For fluid worlds of Glass light. Following the 1968 crisis in France, “the glass movement” was started, where artists and workers opened their own workshops. This was central to developing glass blowing outside of the factories. I decided to start blowing glass as an artist in 1975-76, still very young. My first contacts with this glass world opened the doors to many of my dreams, especially after I met strong personalities such as Véronique Monod, and Joël Linard. They planted a seed that would grow in time: the idea that as a woman and as an artist, it would be possible to open my workshop and to feel free to sculpt and model my own ideas out of glass. I went to England to integrate two renowned artistic and technical glass schools: Stourbridge and Dudley Art Colleges. Then back in Paris, I taught glass blowing for the City Hall courses, and opened my workshop. I still welcome interns today, because the exchange and discovery process enrich both parties. My glass creations are thought as sculptures. The mixing together of traditional and very contemporary techniques allows me to explore the specificities of the matter, the fluid’s limits and resistance, incorporating light, all of these key materials in my creations. Structured around glassblowing, I mix castglass, moulding, gluing, cutting and assemble hot and cold glasswork. Simple and strong, my work alludes to our nature, constructed but biological. My creations question the dynamics and the ways we choose to live together. These glass pieces are my poems, discoveries, result for curiosity . They are imaginary sensations and distortions of light that each person feels and understands in a personal way. My work was shown in the best international events around glass, such as Shanghai LIULI museum, KIAF (Seoul, South Korea) and SOFA (New-York/Chicago, USA), where I am represented by the gallery Mostly Glass, and also in and. It was also selected by the French President for official gifts during world summits in 1991-93, and in 1999, the non-governmental organization Médecins du Monde commissioned a monumental Panel Puzzle. It has won many awards in Parisian and French contests.